tribute premium windowFeatures of Harvey Tribute Premium Double Hung: 

  • All Tribute Windows are ENERGY STAR qualified
  • All Tribute DH windows are Green Seal certified
  • Utilizes PPG’s SunClean easy-cleaning glass
  • Integral lift handle or applied lift handles in white available at no charge
  • Dual action, low-profile sash lock with integrated tilt/wash feature
  • Beveled sash profile a sleeker, traditional appearance
  • 3-1/4″ jamb depth
  • VIEWS half screen standard
  • Vinyl head expander; adjustable vinyl sill expander
  • Tribute glazing is available on most accessory windows and patio doors and includes VIEWS half screen on windows

High-Performance Package ( Optional)

  • U-factor of 0.17; R-5 window
  • Three panes (triple glazing) sealed with Warm-Edge Spacer System. Two Panes utilize Low-E coating. Both airspaces contain Argon gas.