You have earned a new customer and as many recommendations as I can supply

The job went very well! The owner of Three Son’s was very helpful in discussing window options and completely understood what was needed. Like many homes built in the 90’s, I had window seals that were failing and moisture between the glass panes. I also had some panes that cracked. The catch with my installation was that I had new construction windows (fastened/nailed from the front of the home) and the vinyl siding came to the edge of the windows. This meant the siding and shutters around the window had to be removed (and reinstalled) and the installation of the window had t.o happen from the front of the house. I had many contractors come to my home to supply estimates but some didn’t respond after discussing the job, they were clearly looking for quick (in and out) jobs. Three Son’s understood what was required and were willing to do the job the right way (removing the siding, etc), replacing a dozen windows in the front and sides of my home. I would also add, Three Son’s bid was very competitive.
Specific to the product installed, Three Sons installed Harvey Windows. I researched options for months and in the end my main concern is support after the product install. Harvey Windows has an outstanding reputation for support after the sale, many companies do not…beware! I would also add, I’m amazed at how quiet my home is after the new windows were installed. My wife commented to me that’s it’s almost eerie – we can see the trees blowing around and a rain storm happening outside and can’t hear a thing! Great job Three Sons!!